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Extend the life of your vehicle with Mellor's Garage.  Our skilled mechanics will do everything for you from changing your oil to carrying out complex computer diagnostics on your vehicle.  Keep your vehicle in perfect mechanical health and road worthy with the Mellor's Garage team.




Are you confused about the differences between 10, 20 and 30,000-mile services? Then let us take the worry away from you. We have access to and understand maintenance schedules for all makes of vehicle. Bring it in for a check and we will advise on the next service to be carried out and provide a dealership service at independent garage prices.


Winter/Summer or holidays approaching? Why not bring your vehicle in for a checkup? We will give it a thorough check for each of these occasions and send you on your way with a vehicle well prepared for the weather, roads and precious cargo.


We can diagnose, repair and maintain the air conditioning in your vehicle.  Keeping you and your passengers comfortable in the cabin using only environmentally friendly refrigerants and chemicals.


Mellor's Detailing Centre


Whether you have a great classic or a supercar or if it's your pride and joy we can make it even more special.  Please ring AND instruct us. We can do a 2 hrs work detailing a 2 Day work detailing or ask about our 6 DAY work.


Potholes are everywhere on our roads these days and they take a terrible toll on our vehicles.


Mellor's will check your brakes, suspension and tyres to make sure they have not been damaged by potholes ensuring that you and your family travel safely.


We will also check the alignment of your wheels and straighten them if necessary to improve safety, keep your costs down and reduce tyre wear and tear.


If you are looking for new tyres or exhaust systems (whole or part systems) please visit Mellor's Garage.  As your local garage, we can save you time and money.


Don't waste time travelling miles for replacement parts, visit your family friendly garage and wait in our comfortable quiet area with free WiFi while we change your tyres or exhaust.


Your air conditioning system requires routine maintenance by trained technicians to keep you cool on those hot summer days.

Mellor's Garage offers a variety of air conditioning services including:

  • Diagnostic, repair and recharge services
  • Use of environmentally approved equipment
  • Recover, recycle, recharge A/C system using proper freon/refrigerant and lubricants
  • Inspect components for leaks
  • Test for proper pressure and ensure proper cycling of compressor
  • Check cooling efficiency


There’s never a good time to find yourself stranded with a dead battery, so Mellor's battery service is available to help keep you on the go. With a little bit of planning, you can avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery breakdown.


If you find you do have a dead battery we do provide a JUMP START service within a 2-mile radius.

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